Volunteer Handbook (2022)

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Course Instructions:

Every page in this course provides you with the option to listen to the content of the page (by pressing the play button on the audio player on each page), or for you to read at your own pace – you can choose either option, you do not have to listen to the audio in order to progress to the next page.

Course Introduction:

The volunteer handbook (sometimes known as the ‘Staff information & Presentation guide’), sets out the rules and guidance that all volunteers must understand and follow at Beyond Radio.

It includes station rules and explains how the station’s license sets out a number of conditions that we must follow to remain compliant with the rules and legislation that covers broadcasting in the UK.

Every volunteer must undertake this training when they join the station, and then again, annually, as a refresher course to make sure that you remain up to date on the rules that govern what we do.

You should set aside approximately 30 minutes to read through the content of this course. At the end of the training, you will be asked to complete a short knowledge check. You will need to pass this test to complete this course.

Volunteers will only be allowed on-air after successfully completing this course.